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Shamanic Ceremony with Kurikindi

Kapucia Interim Venue
Liverpool United Kingdom

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Blessings to you all and thank you for attending this afternoon at AHO, with Kurikindi. To find out more about Kurikindi's upcoming workshops and retreats, register to be added to the invite list and community by emailing Miriam:

Shamanic Ceremony with Kurikindi and the plant medicine of Tobacco
hosted with Kapucia: at 39 Rodney Street, L1 9EN

Date: Friday 29th November
Time: 7-10pm - please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before the ceremony begins
Address: 39, Rodney Street L1 9EN
Cost: £75
Deposit option: £25 in advance, £50 remaining on the door


Who is Kurikindi?
Kurikindi is a medicine man, a shaman in the western language, and a Yachak in his own, meaning a person with wisdom who receives messages from the divine and nature. He was born in Ecuador to the Kichwa Tribe, into a very long shamanic lineage and was seen to have the shamanic gift at a very young age. His life has been filled with extensive training, which began as young as 4 years old. He was taught by both his mother and father and other tribal elders of the amazon rainforest, including the plants themselves, and is incredibly humbled by having such a nourishing upbringing.

Kurkindi has been walking the healers path in this indigenous way for almost 40 years. Currently based between the UK and Ecuador, Kurikindi is sharing his knowledge and healings with the people of the UK, whilst building and creating a school for the children of Ecuador to learn the way of the healer and the way of the world, with the vision to heal, save, protect the earth and of course, to bring peace.

"We are not separate from the Earth. I am compelled daily, to work to protect the planet and to constantly seek ways of creating greater harmony and balance of all life."  Kurikindi

Kurikindi's energy is extremely powerful. To be held in ceremony by him and receive his teachings and healings is a privilege, and for many it is life changing.

He has a clarity of seeing that is extraordinary, and having trained all his senses over four decades, his ability to "know" enables us to see how, with dedication to the healing path (both our own and collectively), we as individual beings can bring more Love, and in Kurikindi's words 'compassion and forgiveness' to the way we live our lives. In this way, we can bring about healing that includes and supersedes the personal, and can bring about purity of heart on a much greater scale.

What is a Tobacco Ceremony?
Kurikindi offers healing ceremonies with plants that he has been working with for a very long time. The connection with these plants has been passed on to him through his fathers lineage. These plants are Tobacco, Ginger, Chilli and Guayusa.

The Tobacco medicine is very powerful, and in the rainforest, the people of the land take tobacco for clarity of sight, to heighten awareness and the veracity of all senses, to bring strength, to cleanse, to treat wounds, and for deep purification.
Kurikindi brings a connection to the Spirit of the plant, enabling us to make contact and cleanse, communicate and heal in ways that may not have been accessible before.

A Tobacco Ceremony involves either drinking tobacco tea, or insufflating liquid tobacco. Held by Kurikindi's energy, on receiving the medicine, all relax together and welcome in the experience. Traditional prayer songs are made throughout. There is an opportunity to share and discuss the experience afterwards, and it is much encouraged to ask questions to gain clarity of one's journey.

From an early age, I had visions: I could see into the future and I could also see into the past. My visions sometimes felt almost like a film, but remember, I lived in the rainforest, and we didnt see any films then. I hadnt come across any modern technology either, but I still had a vision of a motor car, and in my world of visions, I even drove it. Then, after Id been initiated, at the tender age of eleven, I became a shaman myself. But before that could happen, Id had to amass a very great deal of knowledge about the natural world I lived in and about nature herself, to which we are all connected, upon which we all depend, and from which we derive everything that sustains us. My father understood the power of plants and their medicinal use but he was also familiar with their magical properties. From the age of nine, I helped him to collect roots, bark, leaves and flowers which would be subsequently transformed into powerful potions - as you might call it here, I was learning on the job. I had, of course, been born in possession of both male and female energies - energies flowing from my mother and my father - and the real breakthrough for me was when I started to identify these two powerful forces within me, and within others too. One of the principal shamanic facilities is the skill of being able to manage and rebalance these opposing energies in individuals who may be in distress or who may suffer from the perception that their minds or bodies are somehow out of balance. - Kurikindi


The ceremony was held very beautifully and simply by Kurikindi. Tobacco can be very intense and very still and beautiful. It's like being washed by a wave of immense energy and stillness, removing unnecessary debris from the body that is no longer needed. One is left feeling renewed and fresh with a simplicity that cuts deep to the heart of being."

"Tobacco showed me clearly how the hands and heart are connected to the light. It gave me an understanding of the meditations that can take place within a centred channel, somewhat like a portal. This was immensely beautiful, clear, fierce but subtle, and as though the generosity of the plants teaching arrived with a loving nature."

  Kapucia Interim Venue
39 Rodney Street
Liverpool L1 9EN
United Kingdom
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Start: Friday Nov 29, 2019 7:00 PM
End: Friday Nov 29, 2019 10:00 PM

£25.00 - £75.00

Who: Miriam Moncur

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Dog Friendly: No

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