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Iron Lotus Presents Body (un)Bound: An Invitation

Secret Location, Bushwick
Brooklyn, NY

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Please join Iron Lotus for a unique and unprecedented evening as we weave together the realms of conscious sexuality, immersive theatre, kink, music, and community engagement.

Allow us to guide you on a wondrous and interactive journey into a deeply embodied experience of yourself.

*A fundraiser to support our Collective in creating a community space.*

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*What to Expect*

- An enchantingly decorated space designed to delight and inspire

- Evocative beats and immersive, interactive performances to draw you deeper into the world of the senses

- Entrancing *non-alcoholic* treats to satiate your carnal desires and enhance your earthly appetites

- A full evening of engaging work-and-playshops to transform your perspective on wellness, sexuality and the body

- Erotic playspace offering you free range to explore consensual pleasure, free from shame

- 'Cuddle only' chill lounge to relax and rejuvenate

- A Queer/ Trans/ POC/ Kink / Poly centered event

- Wheelchair accessible (the closest JMZ stop has an elevator)


~//Invite Only//~


- Our general admission ticket comes with a complimentary cup of Ceremonial Cacao from our Bliss Bar! [More about that below]

- Our 'Pay-it-Forward' option is an effort to make this event financially accessible to those who have less disposable income. If you are someone with higher monetary means, you can make a donation which will allow someone else to come to our event.

- If you can't come to our event but want to donate money to our cause, there is an option for that on the link! We appreciate any amount :)

- If you are interested in receiving a SCHOLARSHIP, in VOLUNTEERING, or in bringing your amazing ART to our party, or if you have any QUESTIONS, please email


*Yes's & No's !*

* Get explicit consent
* Queer-centric
* Non-monogamous
* Trusted guests and vetted Newcomers
* ALL bodies and orientations
* It is better to ask than to assume
---- (If someone looks uncomfortable, they probably are!)
* Stating your boundaries
---- (If someone makes you uncomfortable in ANY way, please let them and US know)
* Sensible, safe sex practices
* Agreement first, action second
* Radical expression and creative dress
* Contribute when and where you can

* Get too intoxicated
* Take photographs (AT ALL!)
* Gossip about what goes on here.
* Aggressive flirting/boundary pushing
* >>Cliqueyness<<
* Judgement
* Gawking/ Non-Consensual Watching


*Dress Code*

Come dressed as the hero of your own journey-- your own muse, your own reflection, your own lover, your own Patronus, your own shadow...

YOU are the ART, and a vital part of this evening -- your participation is necessary!

Think of your dress not as a costume, but as a marker of a moment in time-- a RADICAL EXPRESSION of who you are right now, who you've been, or who you are becoming.

What part of yourself is ready to come to the surface-- to be seen and known in the light?

**INSPIRATION may include: mythology, Jungian archetypes, the four seasons, elementals, the four directions, power animals, the crone, the witch, the mother, the maiden, the belly of the whale, the planets, the zodiac, space, as above so below, your anima/animus, the phases of the moon, the sun, alchemy, the tarot, the four suits, the world...

*Get creative! NO ENTRY without effort! Please do not arrive in street wear or 'club' clothes, because we really don't want to lovingly turn you away (but will)!*


*The Music*

10-11:15pm SHISAA (Vitamin B/ JunXion/ NYC)

11:15pm-12:30am Teknacolor Ninja (Tropic of Bass/ Philly)


1-3am The Beat Kitty (Wonderland/ Kostume Kult/ NYC)

3-4:30am Joro Boro (NYC)

*The Work &Play Shops*
Moon Yoga Flow [10:15-11:15pm]
Join forces to move together in honor of our feminine side -- respecting lunar power in body, mind and spirit. Calming yet energizing, this moon flow will prepare you to let go and flow with the night ahead!

Postures for Pleasure [11:20pm-12:20am]
Posture (noun):
"a position of a person's body"
"a particular way of considering something"

Join Kat Sto in a guided exploration of our innate capacity for pleasure. We will investigate the body through a variety of poses, movements, breathing techniques and sounds, all aimed at unlocking our natural ecstatic state sans external stimulation! This workshop will orient you towards a sense of deep, internal satisfaction, and you will leave with concrete tools that you can continue practicing and strengthening at home.

Conscious Kink: Cathartic Impact Play [1:00am-2:00am]
We will first explore and practice technique, application and safety fundamentals of impact play (which can range from spanking to flogging to paddling). Then, through creating ritual space and exploring breathing techniques for pain processing and sensory manipulation, we will learn to heighten impact play scenes into transformative experiences. BYO toys if possible and please note this is a hands-on class (though if it isn't in your comfort, you don't have to physically participate).

Loving From Your Mountain: Shamanic Tools for Relationships [2:05-3:05]
If we seek deep and loving relationships with others, we must first learn to stand in "right relation" with ourselves. Shamanic practices from around the world that have existed for thousands of years and have traveled to the West offer us first steps toward answering the question, "how can we love more fully?"

No matter where they came from, your ancestors understood how to use tools like these to connect more deeply with themselves and others. From both spiritualist and scientific-empiricist perspectives, we will explore how to love from our Mountain -- a place of groundedness, strength and vision.

Body Gallery [3:10-4:10]
From the moment we are born our society wants to clothe us. Many of us are left feeling vulnerable at the thought of our own nakedness, afraid to bare all. Through group grounding exercises and facilitated conversations we will create a safe container in which to navigate feelings surrounding body image, body shame and body love. Moving into small-groups, we will each have an opportunity to exhibit ourselves and tell our 'museum visitors' about our bodies, giving an intimate look into our own embodied experience. *Participation requires comfort around nudity.*

Creating Rituals for Lovers [On-Going]
A multi-faceted and customizable approach to creating rituals that stimulate the magic within your daily and practical lives. With a focus on creating a safe space for unconditional Love these one-on-one consultations aim to facilitate conscious action around the many layers of embodiment. After this session, you will have created a dynamic tool that can be taken home and used to enhance any connection or experience, as desired.


*The Performances*
On the main stage:
Tatyana Kot || a chameleon performer, a muse to a number of artists, and real-life archaeologist.
WEIRD SCIENCE is a burlesque piece exploring natural and man-made.

Poppy Liu MISBEHAVES || a performer whose homes are in Butoh, reckless physical theater, puppetry, political theater, burlesque, and using theater as a means towards social change,
+++the meat is cooked but the emotions are raw+++

Joshua Wynter || a seasoned, dynamic, unapologetic performer with roots in improvisational, interactive, and movement based theater.

Interactive and atmospheric installations throughout the evening:
Lessons in Queening with
:: Michelle Joni ::  
Playing with power on
:: Michelle's Throni ::
featuring Orgasm adventures with  
:: Michelle's Yoni ::

.....and pop-up performances by
Andromeda Oearth
Kat Sto
Sara Kitty
Torrie Ogilvie
Jenna Hoff


*The Art*

** 'Fine Pornography: Butt Studies 2015' by John Murray
----  "a subversion of the belfie or butt-selfie... in the spirit of rude celebration in the context of shameless sexuality... find[ing] its note in the pleasurable, the playful, and the joyous."

** 'Lucent Lotus' by Andromeda O'Earth
--- 'What is it that you want to embody on this eARTh? Illuminate your imagination, and become a part of the art!
Each Body (un)Bound attendee will have an opportunity to make their mark and manifest their most authentic self while participating in this collective installation-- a production that focuses on the concepts of connection, embodiment and immersion.'

** 'Love Poems To The Self'
Join Sara Ashley and Kat Sto in pop-up, guided reflection and self-love ritual at the mirror-- turning inward and expressing outward in love poems to the Self.

** Mike Hall Studio
--- A video artist with a studio in Brooklyn, New York. His work involves the creation of optical field reactions in which the form, color, reflectivity, texture and motion of the projection surface causes the generation of imagery upon the surface itself... producing a luminous quality to the skin which suggests that the light is somehow emanating from the body in all directions.

**Portrait Station by Adam Courtney!

More TBA


*The Menu*
Ceremonial Cacao Drink
Cacao is the traditional drink of the Mayan people, and is the main ingredient in chocolate! In its purest form it is considered to be both medicinal and psychoactive, and is often spoken about as a sensual, heart-opening, pleasurable, and energizing experience. We will tell you even more about this later!

More TBA


Who We Are:
Iron Lotus is a collective of practitioners, artists and activists utilizing a wide range of skills and modalities to empower, educate, and inspire. We are composed of body-positive and sex-positive practitioners offering wellness modalities spanning many disciplines including Tantra, sensual bodywork, somatic-psychology, neo-shamanism, and pro-Domme work; as well as visual / performance artists and activists whose passions range from sexual assault prevention to ecologically sustainable living.

We are committed to the eradication of shame on this planet, in conjunction with the promotion of authentic pleasure. We believe in the wisdom of the body, the healing power of loving touch, and the essential wholeness of all beings. We hold intimacy and embodiment as paths of transformation.

We believe in the strength of community, and endeavor to sustain safe spaces for all identities and orientations. We strive for intersectional justice across race / class / gender lines, and work to create a culture of celebration inclusive and supportive of queer, non-traditional and kink populations.

  Secret Location, Bushwick
Brooklyn, NY 11206
United States
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Start: Saturday Jul 11, 2015 10:00 PM
End: Sunday Jul 12, 2015 4:30 AM



More Info
Minimum Age: 21
Kid Friendly: No
Dog Friendly: No
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes!

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